Blow Me, Or We Both Die

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

It is prehistoric times. We travel, together. You and me. Male and female. Always alert, always on guard. The world is dangerous.

Nighttime. We can't see. Must stop. But we can't sleep. Danger lurks. I must stand guard. Must stay awake. You must keep me awake.

I kneel behind a bush. You lay beneath me, my cock in your mouth. You must keep me awake. You suck my cock as if your life depends on it, because you know it does. You have to keep me huge and hard and coming, always coming. Then I will stay awake.

I come in your mouth, again and again. I cream all over your face, your neck, your breasts, your belly. You masturbate over and over as you suck. Sometimes with one hand, sometimes with both. Always pumping, always sucking, always licking. And I keep coming.

Daybreak unfolds. We are safe. Now we move on.