Bloody Honeymoon

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lady Isabella

My name is Isabella Wood. I am 25 years old. I am pale. I am 4'11'', I have long, wavy, brunette hair (no fringe). My fantasy is about getting in a psychiatric hospital, covered in blood, wearing only a white, strapless bodysuit. It was my lingerie suit for my honeymoon, which won't happen because in the day of my wedding, I found my ex-future husband cheating on me and I killed him and his paramour. While the nurses drag me into my room, I found out my roommate was a 35-year-old pale man, with short black hair, a small black beard, and was like 6'4'' inches tall! The nurses left me in the room with him, and I was desperately screaming, then fell on the floor, crying. The man picked me up in bridal style and took me into my bed. He told me his name's Frank, and he was there because he killed his wife because she was cheating on him. Then I told him my story, and after saying "Today was going to be my honeymoon", he looks at me, smiles, and says: "Well, you are actually beautiful, and I wouldn't mind to give you a reward for your failed honeymoon, if you know what I mean." First, I doubted about it, but then he picked me up again and took me into HIS bed, and began to kiss me in the lips, my neck, while touching all my body in so tainted ways, and I couldn't resist, I just wanted more. Then he goes and touches and kisses my breasts. He went very down later and ripped off the part of the bodysuit that covered my vagina and began to give me oral sex. It was amazing, I never felt such pleasure like this. I sit on him and begin to suck his hard dick for a few minutes, before he picks me up and puts my back against the wall, and penetrates me, fucking me so goddamn hard I just wanted to scream louder, then dragging me into my bed, still fucking me and after 20 minutes doing it, he cums inside me, and I didn't care because I was inside a huge wave of pleasure, having multiple orgasms. Then, we fell asleep together on the floor, but before falling totally asleep, he says "Happy Honeymoon". Thank you for reading.