Blame It on the Boogie

A Sexual Fantasy

— By xxxdesu

My fantasy would be to go to Porter Robinson (my favorite DJ's) live set. It's one of the most beautiful live dj sets I've ever experienced. I'd go by myself. Towards the end of the set I'd start to walk out of the crowds towards the back, stumbling across many people's feet, until I stumble across one mans feet, twist my ankle a bit and he sort of just catches me. I look up at him to excuse myself from bumping in to him, and when I look up I'm staring into 2 beautiful chocolate brown eyes, of a handsome man who is wearing the same Porter Robinson merchandise as me. He notices that my ankle may be hurt after I make a concerned face at it, so he offers to help me to my car. On the way we engage in conversations about our love for Porter, and also how we both came alone. Once we reach my car, I continue to gaze into his almost hypnotizing eyes, and as if I'm staring at a record player from above while it played Porter Robinson on repeat. Out of nothing but pure lust for this man, I invite him back to my place. Once we are there slowly we unravel our way into my bed. Bedside I have that same record player I saw in his eyes playing Porter Robinson while I let him make sweet and sexy love to me (or should I say us because that's all the emotions I felt towards him).