Black swan metamorphosis

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Arancia

You insecurely enter the ballet practice room covered in mirrors, all alone. You force yourself to relax and to dance after a hard day. You put on your points and sweat your day out. You dance until you forget who you are. There is just music and you are nameless. You force your muscles until you forget what tiredness is. You stretch your body as if it was of playdoh. You stretch your neck, you stretch your arms, you stretch your back, you stretch your legs. And you feel powerful, in charge of each and every inch of your body. Soft as a butterfly, strong as an eagle. You know you are like a unique statue, you can see it on your multiple reflections. That sweat on your dance clothes proves you've worked hard. Was it also this hot during the day? It seems impossible that only this thin satin dress is burning you. Or is it just you burning? Nothing is important in the music, you are what you want and the music is your life. You get off your little dress, enjoy your sweaty body's reflection in all the mirrors. You make a couple of more turns with your hands on your body. You dance freely until your fingers find their way to your clitoris. You've earned this, you can enjoy life a little deeper. Masturbating in your practice hall with an audience of only yourself is the greatest pleasure you can ever dream of.