Bisou bisou

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DahlBaby

The first sight of him. My mouth watered and my body surged with want. Who was this beautiful boy and what was he doing in my school? It was 30+ years ago but feels like only yesterday. At 17 I was no longer a virgin thanks to a few boys who said the magic words, "I love you" - but they did not. Sex had been humiliating. Then Nicolas arrived. French. Urban. Not a high school jock type. At all. This poor foreign exchange student had been cruelly stranded in small-town America. I was determined. He'd be fuck - damn teenage lust. I was not prepared for how much I would love him. He savored my body. Adored me in a way I didn't know was possible. No shame. Just the sincerity of his loving words, magical fingers, young cock and the most talented lips and tongue I have ever experienced. Exquisite. I let him slip away from me. My immaturity and fragile esteem got in the way. He returned to France thinking I didn't love him and I thought I didn't deserve him or to be that happy. There had to be a catch. The world is smaller now and we are in touch again. Older but probably none the wiser. Life is much more complicated. During one of our late night messaging sessions, he confessed he was a virgin and I was his first everything. I would have taken better care of both our hearts if I had known. That kind of love and intimacy is magical and rare. I was just too young to know.