My Bi-Sexual Stylist

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jeannie_HW4


I had been seeing Kelly for some time as my stylist. I originally met her at a charity fundraiser where she was bar tending. We hit it right off and I soon learned that her skills with hair scissors were also impressive.

This late night appointment had been coming for a long time as I had been flirting with her for months. So when she suggested that I come in after work and that she would close up the Spa and work late to finish my cut and color, I was very excited. She was beautifully attractive to me and I loved her self-assured confidence and smiling Irish eyes. When I found out she was bi-sexual, I’ll admit making it sexual with her was an instant fantasy for me and had been a regular masturbation focus for months. Many years younger than me and with her lovely small perky tits and beautiful round bottom. It was a fantasy I had to fulfill!

When she locked up behind the last staff member and offered me another glass of complimentary wine, I accepted and offered up the vaporizer pen that I had tucked into my purse.
She took a few hits with me while she finished touching up my hair. It was then that I noticed how great she smelled and that she was wearing just her smock and cotton panties over her hardened and very warm body. When I removed my smock to put my shirt back on she stopped me with a passionate embrace. My lips ran up her neck to behind her ear and my hand firmly found her warm ass. She whispered that we should retire to a private massage room…