The birds stop singing. So they can hear me cum.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kuskuskus

Dusk. A small dirt road. I'm in a car with my feet on the dashboard. My skirt has fallen to my waist, my fingers are in my panties. I'm enjoying the sound of the birds and the humming of my dildo.

It's my favourite, the small one, lean and agile. I lick it and touch my nipples. A shiver goes through my body. I close my eyes and breathe heavy. The dildo ventures towards my clit, making slow circular movements. I know how to make my pussy tingle. I can come within two minutes for sure, dildo's never fail.

I open my eyes and watch my boyfriend who is filming me with a small camera, zooming in on every change in breath. I look at his pants and see his cock growing. I begin to moan. Fingers disappear in my pussy, I'm in a coming mood but don't want to. YET.

I want cock: hard, very hard, in my tingling pussy. I pull my boyfriend into the car, his camera falls to the ground. I open his fly and feel his throbbing cock. He pulls me out and throws me on the bonnet. Ouch. On my belly.

I feel him against my buttocks and then inside me, thrusting really hard and fast and harder and faster....I am still clinging on to my dildo, I let it do the job and feel an unstoppable wave rising in my clit and pussy. As the moaning gets louder, the birds stop singing.
They listen to me come...