Bespoke Man

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jeannie_HW4

It's June and I'm in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. I'm already quickly relaxing as I check out the accommodation and amenities.

The home is beautiful mid-century redwood and the view of the mountains and the location has sex-pad-getaway written all over it. Being able to find something this perfect to rent for a week was my husband all the way. He had also scored on the extras too, like beautiful tropical flowers in the rooms, a closet hanging with a hot assortment of coordinated lingerie, shoes, and a nice fluffy black robe.

I would be changing into some of that in a few hours. There was also a large pitcher of fresh sangria and several bottles of wine in the refrigerator, along with a few nosh items. He had even packed me some of our favorite weed.

I had however been in charge of the entertainment and had spent several hours looking at photos and interviewing by text several different studs for this evenings fun. I had then talked with the final 3 until I'd settled on Michael. It was like I had specially ordered a bespoke man. He looked great from about every angle with his bronzed skin, was nicely equipped, and truly excited me. He was sexually gorgeous for sure and I was already aroused knowing that I would be playing with him soon. I'd never paid for sex in my life but after several sex flings for fun with men and women my husband and I agreed that this was an interesting next sexual adventure. Tonight I would fully sexually indulge with Michael and in a couple of days my husband would arrive to relive it with me while enjoying each other sexually too. Yes, life is good!