A Sexual Fantasy

— By F.

I waited several months to write you my confession, because it is a real story and it happened in Berlin during the Berlinale as I went to watch the XConfessions at Babylon. I was planning to go on my own but decided to meet a friend for a drink right before coming to see your amazing work. As I told my friend that it had to be a quick drink because I was going to watch your films, I decided to invite him to join me. He was reluctant at first because he didn't know what to expect when I said that I was 'going to watch porn in a cinema' but he decided to come along. Well, this turned out to be one of the most erotic evenings in my life.

As the lights went down and the beautiful and erotic scenes were unfolding in front of our eyes, my friend slipped his hand on my tights, searched under my long skirt until he reached under my panties. This was so unexpected to me, but perfectly fitting to the lust I felt watching those images. It felt like there was no more natural thing to do for us than to enjoy that moment. He appreciated a lot your work and I could feel it though his fingers, I was enjoying the view as much as my body in a way that I never thought I would in a public place in such an event. When the lights went on again he removed his hand and the evening continued as if nothing happened. This was my very unique evening, thanks a lot for that :)