Berlin, Berlin - I look at you with feelings

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 곰 (The Bear)

I met a woman thru an app for learning languages. She is in Germany to study German. I live in Malta. We hit it off from the word go. She loves movies. Her taste in music is sublime. She sends me a video - she is gorgeous. Her voice, sweet. I always compliment her - it's been long since I've met someone like her. She says I make her smile, make her feel less lonely. My infatuation is quite obvious. She affectionately calls me "bear" in her native language - I also happen to be quite chubby too.

After months of talking, I decide to meet her in Berlin. We hug, tight. I breathe in her warmth. We go for drinks that evening. She laughs at my awkward attempts to speak her native language. The way she looks, smiles at me, makes me shake with nervous excitement. We walk back to her place. I approach to kiss her cheek cautiously. She plants a long kiss on my mouth. We kiss more passionately inside. We fall on the couch, rub against each other. Then, we stop.

We look at each other intently, for what seems like forever...should we? She slowly stands up, puts a song on - "Bom Bi" - "Spring Rain", a song in her language, my favourite. She gazes into my eyes, starts undressing. Her naked beauty is breathtaking. I shyly undress. My body does not do hers any justice. She pulls me to her, my erection throbbing against her. We explore each other with intense kisses. I don't want to forget her taste, her nakedness, her memory.

Her soft moans awaken the bear in me. We alternate between gentle and rough, as if it's the only time we'll ever fuck. We come. We're both shaking like leaves. And we laugh, hard.

She laughs - at my attempts to speak her language. We look at each other, for a very long time. A thought strikes us both. She breaks eye contact, blushing. We're still at the bar. She sips her drink. Her marriage ring glimmers. When she leaves Germany, her husband will be waiting back home...

Ferdinand and Marianne said it best, in "Pierrot Le Fou",

"Why are you sad?"

"Because you speak to me in words

and I look at you with feelings."