Behind the Cameras

A Sexual Fantasy

— By gililig

I'm a filmmaker and production designer, and I love your movies. I adore them as art; the set, the costumes, the story, the performing, the plot, editing, all of it. I think about them sometimes on set. Looking at those hot lighting tech guys. I don’t know why, but the lighting tech guys here are mostly very attractive (and sweet guys). How they stand there under the lights, leaning against the C-stand, with those black safety gloves, the black tape and C-47s (I could use those) on their belts, the walky-talky with the ear-piece and all… But there’s so much work: discussing with the director, reasoning with the DOP, commanding my art department. I’m a young girl so my guys love to speak to me in innuendo. How funny they think they are, while I silently eye a beautiful young lighting tech, with a sleek body and the sweetest smile. But there's no time on the set! Except for the lunch break, when everybody leaves and the set is deserted for an hour. How exiting it would be, the risk of someone coming back. So I would like to ask you, would you consider making a film taking place in a film’s set? As a tribute to the place we love so much, an ode to filmmaking. (Maybe a young lighting tech and a wild female production designer?)