Behind The Camera

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Emm

Sometimes I wonder if there's someone watching me across the computer.

I stare at the little camera on top of the screen and imagine someone looking at every movement I do, looking at me when I get dressed in the mornings... when I undress at night.

Watching me drinking coffee, getting frustrated when writing an email, touching myself ...

And then sometimes I undress for that person, I put on a show for that stranger, I flirt with the camera without knowing who is on the other side. I imagine the look of surprise and intrigue on his or her face, realizing I know someone is watching, someone getting aroused, slipping a hand under, cuming over and over and over again while they watch me.

I imagine them obsessing behind the camera about my every day life, my gestures, my skin, the way my hair falls, the way I make myself cum.

And then I think about how maybe there is not only one person looking but rather many, and I cover the camera quickly with a piece of black tape, afraid about the possibility of a crowd.

But then the fear passes and I take the tape off and start all over again, looking at the little camera, showing my self on purpose, thinking about whomever is watching, and I make myself cum for them again.