Behind Brass Doors

A Sexual Fantasy

— By s.washington

I have had this fantasy since I was a teenager. To this day, it has revved me up like no other. I have disclosed it to friends, lovers, and past boyfriends but I have yet to act on it. I have always wanted to have sex in an elevator. Not just any elevator though. One constructed in the early 20th century with its original design intact. A nonresidential lift that belongs to an old building. No music. Brass finish exterior and interior that includes a stop button. When the elevator opens before me, I find it empty. It is late at night, and upon entering it, I assume that I will be taking this trip alone. As the door closes, I hear footsteps running towards it. Before it closes, he manages to catch the door. The man that I have been deeply infatuated with from a distance. The door reopens to accommodate him, he steps in and stands next to me. The door closes, and the elevator begins its journey. I have never been alone with him like this nor have we been this physically close before. Out of nervousness, the only thing I can say is to ask him what floor he wants. He looks nervous too and tells me he is going to the same one as me. As we pass two levels, tension and the sound of hydraulics fills the space between us.We have had friendly encounters and enjoyable interactions, but I haven’t had the courage to act on my real feelings. That is until now. Jumping on my impulse, I hit the emergency stop and turn to him. I kiss him like it might be my last because it probably could very well be my last and only with him. As I release him from my lips, I turn back to press the emergency stop off. Before I reach the button, he has swung me into his embrace. He kisses me back with just as much passion, if not more. Before I know it, we are ripping each other’s clothes off. Before he enters me, he tells me how much he wants this (which is a lot and more) but wants to make sure that I want it just as much as he does. Upon answering yes, I begin to be rocked out of this world. Even though we were stuck between two floors, we manage to come multiple times.