Battle of Pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sincera

A few years ago I was a member of a fitness club open 24/7. I was working as a bartender - I've always been more of a night person. Even when I wasn't preparing cocktails, I was awake at night. After a few weeks, it became normal to me to work out at my free nights. It was fun. No one was there and I could stay focused on my training. Sometimes a mutual friend of me and an old school friend joined me, also a night person. We barely know each other and trained on different floors, but it was handy for us to drive together.

Once he came downstairs when I was doing my last exercises. His shirt was a little sweaty. He observed my moves with his arms crossed. Those arms... I've always had a thing for a well trained biceps. He followed my eyes and smiled. We started to chat, to flirt, saying ambiguous things. The atmosphere became more and more heated.

Somehow we ended upstairs, in front of the ladies dressing room. I entered the room and he followed me. He pushed me against the door and kissed me with so much strength and passion that I could barely breathe. I liked his dominance, but I wasn't ever a submissive woman. I pushed him away from me to the next wall, took his shirt off and moved myself down to his chest, kissing him. Now it was his turn to push me away and come after me. His look was full of pleasure and also dark and aggressive, just like mine.

We kind of kissed, made out and fought at the same time. He took me with my back against the lockers. I sucked his cock, me on my knees, him standing with the cold tiles on the wall behind him. I lay head over heels on the bench in the middle of the room while he was sucking my nipples intensely and licking me good... so good. At the end I rode him on that same bench, circling my hips till we both came loudly.

I was all black and blue after this special kind of training session and I bet he was too combined with some nice scratch marks I left on him. I think maybe the concierge heard us, because he looked kind of knowing when we left. Nevertheless: Best training ever!