The Bartender

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lynchoin

Juan Lucho is a bartender. Dressed in white shirt, black pants, shoes and sweaty socks, after a day at work. He joins a girl at a table for a special dinner. He will sit in front of her, and he will use his feet to seduce her, giving her an orgasm she will never forget. He starts flirting with her using his glance and caressing her legs with his shoes on. Then he slowly and viciously removes his shoes to reveal his sweaty socked feet, a powerful weapon to bring her to the limit of a new kind of desire. He knows how to make her loose control, just using his glance and his feet. Then the socks will be removed and his feet will massage her pussy. He will use different moves, different pressures, many skills, all the arts of his sexy feet, to bring her to orgasm.