Bad soldier

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lil

So, my good-boy, turned bad, marine boyfriend cheated on me with his ex last month. Ironically a few days before we were sexting a scenario where we were fantasising about hate fucking each other.

At times during our relationship he hinted that he liked me being pissy, bratty and a little verbally cruel to him but I didn’t have it in me.. that was before he cheated.

My fantasy now is that when we link up to exchange our belongings, we sit in his VW van on the bed, talking. He’s come from work so he’s in his rig which he knows is like lingerie to me. He tries getting touchy with me again and possibly for one last bang for the sake of closure (that’s what he claimed it was when he fucked his ex anyway). I let him lift up my skirt slowly. Intentionally I’m wearing the leather one he has a particular kink for, but I never got the chance fuck him in it. While he starts to finger me I am still pissy and angry so I tell him he can finger me all he wants because he’ll never make me cum. I tell him every time he thought he made me came, I faked it. Of course I did- he thought he could me cum on the mark by calling me a bitch in an Irish accent. So while he’s rubbing my clit and I’m telling him he’s shit in bed, he tells me with a cocky look on his face that he knows exactly what to do. I laugh and tell him he can never have the chance of feeling my pussy on his cock again. He tells me he can have me whenever he wants me and he will make me cum while he’s at it too. Admittedly he is rubbing my clit better than he ever did before and I start wondering if it’ll get better still. He whispers in my ear “You’re not enjoying that are you? I’m not going to prove you wrong now am I?” I tell him “No, and your tiny prick wouldn’t feel any better either”. He really did have a small dick and he was a little insecure about it so it feels so good to tell the cheating bastard exactly what I think. He smiles but in a pissed off way. I smile back at him in a bratty way because I know he gets turned on from being humiliated and verbally shamed in bed.

While he’s now got his fingers in me, deep, he says “tiny prick hey? So tiny that it could never make you cum, yeah?” He pauses as we look into each others eyes with spite and lust all in one. With his fingers still in me he effortlessly and suddenly flips me over, pushes my lower back down to the bed, grabs my hips, pulls them up and without hesitation slides his cock in my pussy, hard and all the way. He’s holding my wrists down so I can’t move. With his free hand he’s rubbing my clit, leans down and whispers “I know you’re about to cum, bitch”. And just like that, I do.