Backseat foreplay

A Sexual Fantasy

— By seanix99

One evening at a friends party, my wife was looking particularly hot. All night she teased me, whispering what she wanted to do to me when we returned home. At one point, she slips something into my pocket. Her bra and knickers... her very wet knickers.

The rest of the night I could see through her dress... her firm buttocks, her hard nipples... it was very erotic and exciting. And I was not the only one who noticed. Both men and women were staring at her lustfully. It was so hot to see how much she was wanted by strangers.

When we left, she demanded she sit in the rear seat. Handing me a music disk she asked me to let it play with the volume high. It was a thirty minute drive home and I had no idea what she had planned for that time. I could not hear her. I could only see her face and eyes in the rear view mirror. She looked so turned on. So beautiful.

As I watched her, a devilish smile swept over her face, her eyes grew hungry. Then her head went back, her mouth opening wide as if she was screaming... but she was in ecstasy. It looked so good on her. I could only imagine what her hand was doing , and I wished it was mine. It was hard for me to keep my eyes on the road. I wanted her so much it was unbearable.

Once we arrived home, she waits for me to open the back door for her. I wish I had taken a picture of her... She lay with her strap down, breast showing,  nipple hard, her dress lifted, her cunt wet. Then her face... one sweat bead dripped down her face, her cheeks flushed red, her eyes wild. She stares at me as she exits before kissing me sensually. Then to my surprise she hands me her wet dildo. My dick stiffens and I follow her inside ready for more...