Looking for the apocalypse

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

In August the bookshop where I work is closed to the public. In the late afternoon I go to rearrange the shelves of old books. Once, while I was busy dusting a valuable copy, I hear a knock at the shutter that I had left half raised. I go, I open the glass door and, bending down, I see two skinny legs that went all the way up to a face too harsh but beautiful of a young woman.
- May I help you?
- I’m looking for an old edition of the Apocalypse of John.
- Just now we are rearranging the shelves. You can try to come by again in September.
- In a few days my holidays are over and I have to leave.
- Please, come in.
Removed the white hat that protected the white skin from the summer blazing sun, she revealed a sublime face; sharp, framed by wavy black hair on her shoulders, it was dominated by two blacks eyes able to penetrate the lava; she had sharp and straight nose and lips, drawn from nature, without lipstick.
She came into the bookshop and sat down, catching her breath, on the old gold damask sofa. She crossed her legs and in the thinness that had immediately struck me, they revealed something of snappy and nervous.
- Pardon the intrusion but I’m destroyed.
She said and began to wave the slight short skirt almost as if to make penetrate the fresh air of the place. She wore no panties and when she spread her legs I saw a shaved pussy and closed as if it never was violated. I was enchanted in the intermittent vision of candid and smooth labia. She noticed. Stopped the movement with her skirt lifted and with her free hand she went to the vulva and, with the index and middle fingers, manicured and red lacquered, she spread her lips. A deep pink blossomed between the white milk and a clitoris just appeared seemed to invite me to come closer. I bent down and put my tongue on that delicate meat. I licked and licked and licked until a slight groan, and as issued by one of paradise tool slid off the lips of the unknown woman.
- That's better. Now we can look for the Apocalypse.