Another Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wobbles

She told me recently that she'd like to see me with another woman. A professional.

We're waiting in the hotel bar and in she comes. I stand to greet her and tell her to have a seat while I order her a drink. When I come back they're already relaxed, enjoying each other's company. We chat for a while, then I tell them to go upstairs while I pay for the drinks.

When I arrive to the room music is playing and they're standing, waiting for me, waiting for my command. I tell them to undress one another, then undress me. They get on their knees and my girlfriend watches excitedly as our partner takes me in her mouth. Then my girlfriend joins in, eagerly, and when I'm close I tell them to stop.

My girlfriend lies back on the bed and the other woman starts going down on her, her ass in the air. I get on my knees and start licking her out from behind. As the music gets louder, I stand up and, looking at my girlfriend, penetrate this other woman...

For weeks afterwards, I see my girlfriend smiling to herself, thinking about everything that happened in that hotel room...

Soundtrack: Years & Years - Real