A Sexual Fantasy

— By strangelittlebird

The day after our first threesome, we watched one of your movies, Horny Beasts. We liked the eerie, animalistic atmosphere of it. She gazed really intensely at the screen, her hips started to move, driven by instinct. She said "he was fucking me like this yesterday... did you like it?" When Misha and her pigs on the screen finished fucking, I threw my girlfriend onto the bed. She took my hard cock in her mouth, her eyes telling me just one thing - possess me! I reversed my position, got rid of her panties and buried my head in her wet cunt like a hungry animal. I ate her intensely, driving straight toward a powerful orgasm and then held her tightly. She cried during her second climax and lay on the bed, drenched with sweat. I gave her no rest, fucking her again, rolling her on her belly. I went deep from the start, not really fast, but strong. Our every move expressed that she was entirely mine at this moment and that she wanted to be mine. We were now one animal body, with one primal instinct in mind, both covered in sweat and bodily fluids. I smeared a wet kiss on her face and made one great thrust into her. That took her over the ridge of her third orgasm, crying again, wildly. I rolled her onto her back again and she stroked my cock until I came on her breasts. And it was done. It took 10 minutes but it was the most intense sex we'd ever had. We were looking into each others eyes for a long time, just dazed, stunned, unable to say anything. When our consciousness came back to us, our eyes started to express love again.