Anal Is My Drug

A Sexual Fantasy

— By insu

Do you know that moment, up in a roller coaster, right at the beginning of the drop? It still can't compare to the anal sex I experience.

I had been curious about it for years, but I didn't know much. My current boyfriend has opened up a new world of pleasure for me - he's the first one, beside myself, that has ever been able to make me come and, also, squirt. But there's nothing quite like when he sodomises me.

Sometimes, when we're fucking, I stop, look him in the eyes and ask to be fucked in the ass.

As his cock slides inside me, the most intense wave of pleasure gets hold of my body. It's as if all of my nerves simultaneously fired, sending infinite shivers from my hole down my whole body, it's a feeling beyond belief.

Sometimes it's so intense that I feel like I can't take it, that my heart is going to stop.

Sometimes it's so intense that I can't keep still, that I need him to hold me tight to calm me down.

Since the very first time we tried, I have never felt any pain - just the most thrilling, breath taking bodily sensation I've ever experienced. I feel light, I feel in another, distant world as he fucks me deeper and deeper. I am in his hands, completely relaxed and I want more - harder, deeper.

As he gets inside, my clit instantly swells up, asking for more.

Sometimes I try my hardest to hold myself back in order not to come in the first few seconds. Sometimes I can't manage.

Sometimes, when I end up lying on my front, I can feel his body's weight pushing rhythmically my clit against the mattress as he fucks me.

Sometimes it's just too much for me - I start touching myself while he nibbles my ear and tells me how tight I'm getting and there I am, having the best orgasm contractions around his cock - that, in turn, make him come. I love feeling our synchronised orgasms while he's still inside me.

Sometimes I wonder whether it is just me or if other people get the same mystical anal experiences I get - but, in the end, does it really matter?

These are, regardless, my most intimate, precious moments 😉