An Unexpected Train Ride

A Sexual Fantasy

— By justakinkygal

I am on the train, it's very crowded. I am standing and need to hold onto a pole. There is this tall, muscular guy behind me, and he can't help from pressing into me. I am trying my best to shuffle away from him to give him more space, but it's no help. I am wearing a short skirt and an oversized hoodie. Suddenly, the train moves so quickly and he loses his footing and I feel a strong hand on my waist from behind, touching my bare skin. When I feel his skin touch mine it feels so good I don't react, hoping he will keep it there. He waits for me to react, it's not too late to pretend it was an accident. But the hand stays and I do not move. I can't have anyone notice this! The hot fingers on my skin slowly wander, one hand into my bra, cupping my breast, the other to my panty line and further. His fingers enter my wet folds, I am slowly moving against him, biting my lip and moaning. He's now pressed to my back, and I can feel his hard erection against my soaked panties...