An Oasis in the Bush

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Sunday morning. Quietly I let my fingers wander off in my girlfriends' underwear. The elastic band makes it difficult to proceed, but I'll manage. Then, there it is, THE BUSH. I will have to pass this hairy jungle, to get to the Oasis of Lust. Little by little, I let my fingers roam around through all this wonderful, thick hair, enjoying the roughness of it. And then, all of a sudden, there it is, the little oasis, already moist, waiting to be explored. Carefully, one of my fingers enters this pool of lust. How wet it is already! A second finger explores even deeper, and soon little sighs encourage me to carry on. I'm heading in the right direction! Then, the source of lust is located in this little oasis, and my fingers start massaging it carefully. Then, almost without warning, she moans loudly, her orgasm making the oasis flow over with female fluids. Now she is awake, and will exchange my favors. My dick will be entering this oasis soon...