Alternate Universe, Alternate Sexuality?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ISA

This might sound weird but I get strangely turned on by the thought of alternate universes; the thought that there is a universe for every option there. Like when you could either ask your crush out or you don't, just the fact that you're thinking about it sets both options in motion, and the one you choose plays out in this universe, and the other option plays out in an alternate universe. It's really about the question "What if...?", which I think about a lot, just because I like fantasizing about what could have been and what might be happening in an alternate universe right now. One "what if" I think about a lot is: "what if my crush was single right now." That would have given me the possibility to ask her out, and then "what if she says yes?" There could be an alternate universe where this has actually happened, where I'm having sex with my female university professor right at this moment, fooling around in her office. There might even be an alternate universe where I'm a heterosexual male instead of a homosexual female. Or an alternate universe where I'm a drummer in a band, travelling the world and having orgies with groupies, instead of being a student. Anything is possible.