An Alternate Birthday Ending

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tonno

My classmates at the university had many Erasmus friends from all over Europe so they organized a carnival party that, coincidentally, coincided with my birthday. I arrived early and there were only the landlords and two girls, one German and one French who joked about my birthday. I was dressed as a woman: I had a very short dress and high boots that a friend had lent me. At the end of the evening we were all very tired and we slept crammed into the various rooms. I fell asleep on a sofa, just where the German girl and the French girl I had met at the beginning of the evening had fallen asleep. At one point I was awakened by the German girl who stood next to me. I opened my eyes and we were face to face. I don’t know how, but we started to kiss. I put my hand under her shirt and I started caressing and grabbing her breasts, her skin was very soft. She took my hand and put it on her pussy. She was so wet and completely smooth. She panted louder and louder. Then she mumbled something in German in my ear, she grabbed my cock and started going up and down with her hand. I was still dressed as a woman. We were very excited. So we got up, she leaned on a desk and I penetrated her from behind. We had completely forgotten that in the room other people were sleeping. She must have moaned hard enough to wake up another german girl who was sleeping in a bed. They started arguing, but I didn’t understand a word. She started crying, pushed me away and sat on the couch. I went to another room. Since then I dream of an alternative ending. What would have happened if nobody had woken up? Or if the other girl woke up and joined us and other people in the room and in the house too? Erika, please, tell me how it would end.