An Afternoon of Extreme Pleasure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nico

We had been texting for three weeks and were finally going to meet each other. We knew what that first date was about: long, passionate, intense sexual intercourse. I had never met him in person, but I wanted him. So much. I opened the door, saw him standing in front of me, smiling. He started saying something, but I didn't let him finish. I kissed him. I took his hand and dragged him into my room. He started kissing me again, his lips were soft and gentle, but confident as they explored mine, his tongue kindly finding its way into my mouth. One second later, I was lying on my bed. He started caressing my sex, slowly, almost tickling me. I unzipped his jeans and found myself contemplating his beautiful cock. I started fondling it, while his caresses became more persistent. I gave him my dirty look and started a series of ups and downs on his erected cock. A drop of pre-cum appeared, I reached it with my tongue and licked it off. He moaned when I started sucking nice and slow, caressing the top with my tongue and his testicles with my hand. I felt his fingers inside me, reaching the center of my pleasure. I sucked his cock with energy, hunger, as his moves inside me got faster and harder. Our breaths became heavier, and suddenly, he was on top of me. He started to move inside me, so well that my heart started beating faster. I pushed him deeper into me. He made me lie on my stomach, placed himself on top of me, and started making love to me again, kissing my neck. He accelerated, his moans became little screams of pleasure in my ear. He pulled out, made me turn and I felt the warmth of his sperm in my mouth, the sweetest taste of all. I smiled at him. Before I could say anything, his head was between my legs, his tongue giving my clitoris the best time of its life. He was fingering me as he ate my pussy, it didn't take me long to explode in an amazing, powerful orgasm. He smiled, came cuddling next to me, caressing my hair and kissing my forehead.