The Afternoon Delight Lunch Break

A Sexual Fantasy

— By P.Henry

I waited in the closet of our bedroom. Quietly tucked away with the door slightly ajar one eye peering out into our marital bed that was lit up by a shaft of early afternoon sun. It was quiet in the house--no kids, no television, no sounds of lawnmowers or banging pots in the kitchen that come from our normal life at home.

I heard her Subaru pull in the drive, doors opening and then her heels on the hard wood floors as she moved through the house up the stairs into the bedroom.

She entered, not seeing me, as she pulled out her silk bag of play things and carefully placed her favorites on the bed-a Big Boss vibrator and her Smart Wand.

Dressed in her Armani Jacket and Skirt that she wore for the most important work days, she climbed into bed, slipping off her heels and laid back, pulling her skirt up over her hips and pushed the panties down to her toes. I watched this all silently from less than 6 feed away-my cock swell with anticipation. 10 years and I still wanted her, needed her and now watching her in this private moment I felt a new inspiration of lust for her.

Spreading thighs wide she began to rub her clot. Slowly, massaging it as her breath quickened and her free hand reached for the Boss. The hum of the toy filled the room as she filled herself up.

She reached for the wand and the intensity of the hum and her escaping breath as she placed it on her most sensitive spot. I watched this all as she climaxed loudly and completely as my cock throbbed in my fist.

It was beautiful. She was beautiful and as she quietly moved from the bed to straighten herself out and put the toys away, I marveled at how much I still wanted her after all these years. With a slight smile and a wink toward the closet where I hid, she walked out of the room to return to work. Exactly where I needed to go--well after I attended to myself of course.