A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nymph

I was very sexually active, but now I've been three years without sex and I'm married. Frustration got into me deeply, to the point of feeling ugly. Until I met this seven years younger man (this is where it gets interesting) and I've come back to fantasizing again and I've been feeling so alive (and wanted). This is my fantasy:
You know how knowing that you might be caught makes you get more wet? I dream about this man fucking me hard in the kitchen while my husband is outside having some beers with his friends. I can literally feel him coming from behind and touching me, getting me closer to his body so I can feel him. I feel how slowly he kisses me in the neck while touching my clitoris and makes me lose my senses, he takes advantage of this arousal in me and pulls my clothes so he can penetrate me while he gently pulls my hair and makes me crave for more. He turns me around and puts me on top of anything so he can penetrate hard from the front because he has his hands on my thighs moving me in sweet harmony. Harder and harder whispering how much he has wanted me since the day he met me, how much he loves my ass and boobs and hair, and face, and eyes until we come. We finish just to cuddle a few minutes, until we hear someone getting into the house. We then run into the garage, just to do it again.
If you could make this happen, I would strongly appreciate it as it would be the only way for me to have this experience again, to feel loved, to feel wanted.