A Sexual Fantasy

— By birk

She was asleep in our garden enjoying the sun with nothing more than her sunglasses on. Her body was greasy from the sunscreen.

This made my penis stand up very quickly. With one hand I opened my zipper and the other hand released the swolen muscle into the free air. I started stroking myself while imagining what we would do.
I looked aside and saw the sweat dripping it's way down through her pubes. One of her fingers draped against her womanhood. This sight alone made my warm juice shoot out of my dick. I had to bite my lip as I didn't want to wake her up.

When I looked up I saw her fingers disapearing in and out her very wet vagina. I could hear the noise of her fingers going in and out. Why don't you come over instead of playing with yourself she said. What I didn't know was that she was spying me, spying her from behind her dark sunglasses.

I knelt down and started kissing her all over. Hi there honey! She pushed my head down from her mouth to her dripping wet pussy and forced me to lick her. With my hands I pushed her labia aside to enter her with my tongue. She tasted so damn delicious that I couldn't stop. I went all over her until she switched position. Go on she said I just want to feel your cock in my mouth while you lick me.

My cock was still covered with my warm juice that had just shot out of me... she loved it and started sucking on my half hard cock. Within a minute of milking my dick it was so hard she could feel my hearthbeat in her mouth. In the meantime I sucked her wet labia's and bit them playfully. Than I put two fingers up inside of her stroking her clit which made her moan loudly.

She put me on my back and sat on my rock hard cock with her back towards me. She pushed her dripping wet pussy down as much as she could. Than grabbed my testicles very firmly that it hurt a bit... in a nice way. She kept pounding her beautiful butt up and down. This was so hot it made me dizzy.

We fucked our way through the whole garden, coming multiple times before ending up in the shower covered in each others juices.