A Storm and A Stranger

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sailorfat

A broken down car. A storm. I walk along a dirt road leading up to an old white farm house. I knew I shouldn't have gone off the highway but my sense of adventure over took me. All I could see in the windows was the flickering light of candles inside. The storm must have knocked out the power. I knock on the door, clothes soaked through clinging to my skin. He answers the door. Dark hair and eyes. He invites me in. Offers a hot shower and some warm clothes. As I peel off my shirt and step into the shower. I pretend not to see him peeking through the door. I can't deny that I enjoy it. As I dry off in my guest room I never get to wearing the warm clothes he offered me because he is now standing in the door way. His warm eyes and hands grab me ferociously. The bed creaks with every thrust, every moan and every time I squirm with his cock inside me. I would moan his name if only I knew it.