A Sleeping Beauty

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rumba Fan

I’ve had this fantasy for some time now: to explore and enjoy my wife’s body – without any restrictions and taboos – while she is sleeping! When I told her about that, she first seemed to be a bit shocked… but one week later, she had a surprise for me. She had purchased a sleep-inducing medication and was willing to fulfill my fantasy. The same evening she took the pill and fell into a deep and sound sleep. With incomparable delight I slowly uncovered her beautiful body, gazing at her smooth skin and caressing it softly. I wanted to catch this moment forever, so I took some photos of my sleeping beauty – of her peaceful and relaxed face, her round breasts and the shaved little pussy. While I was exploring each centimetre of this wonderful woman, I started to touch and feel her, covering every cell with lustful kisses. When I reached her feet, I felt great pleasure in sucking her cute toes, an act my wife would never allow me to do while she was awake. Following the shape of her legs I finally stopped at her vagina – and started to lick it. It tasted so good and somehow my wife seemed to react to it. Not knowing whether she was only dreaming or really feeling the constant movements of my tongue, I went on, her arousal constantly growing. After that I put off my shorts, took out my hard-on and placed it on my wife’s pussy. Not wanting to do her any harm, I didn’t penetrate her but moved my penis gently over her labia. My own lust grew to an uncontrollable desire for her and so I started to masturbate kneeling over her. When I’d reached the climax, I spread a huge load of sperm on her naked body – another thing my wife normally wouldn’t accept. Having cleaned her skin with a handkerchief, I fell asleep next to her, exhausted and glad.

The next morning my wife wanted to know what had happened. Curious and horny at the same time, she bombarded me with the best morning sex we’ve ever had. But nevertheless, I didn’t tell her…