A Sensual Ego Act of Sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Neil

Laura (Sadie Lune) and Henry had been married for only a few hours, but already the heat between them was palpable. Henry was a muscular man, with broad shoulders and a strong jawline. Laura was a Spanish curvy woman, with curves that made Henry's heart race.

On their first night of marriage, Laura wanted to show Henry who was in charge. She pushed him onto the bed and straddled him, her curves pressing against his body. She leaned in close and whispered in his ear, "Tonight, I'm in charge."

Henry felt his heart racing as Laura began to move her hips against him. She moved her hands all over his body, exploring every inch of him. She teased his nipples with her fingertips and ran her hands down his chest and stomach.

Laura then moved lower, her hands exploring his inner thighs and finally reaching his hardening cock. She stroked it gently, feeling it grow even harder under her touch. She then moved back up to his chest and kissed him passionately. Henry felt himself getting lost in the moment as Laura continued to dominate him with her curves and passionate kisses. She then moved down to his cock again and began to lick it up and down, teasing it with her tongue. Henry felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge as Laura continued to pleasure him.

Finally, she moved back up to his chest and straddled him again. She then began to ride him, her curves bouncing up and down as she moved faster and faster. Henry felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge as Laura continued to dominate him with her passionate cowgirl ride.

Henry broke the clutches and grab her on his chest and started fucking her standing showing the power of his masculine cock. He puts her down and began rubbing her clit smoothly as he wanted to see her squirt.

Henry knows how to use his tongue well, she squirted, slapped him and sat on top of him to ride his dick faster and faster. Henry edged hard. Finally, Henry could take no more and he let out a loud moan as he came inside of Laura. She smiled down at him as she felt his cum inside of her. She then leaned down and kissed him passionately one last time before collapsing onto the bed beside him.

Henry lay there in awe of what had just happened between them. He had never experienced anything like it before and he knew that this was only the beginning of their passionate journey together.

Lastly both goes to the washroom for a bath kissing.