I will meet a redheaded devil

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Camille

I've never gotten the chance to see a natural redhead pussy. I've dreamt about redheads since I was very young, for some reason…


One day I finally met one fantastic redhead girl and I played every sex game she would beg me play - big green eyes pleading. I performed her every desire just to see and and lick the pussy I'd dreamt of. She let me touch the hairs inside her pants and told me to wait until the next night for my full pleasure. I went to her apartment to make love with all those fantasies filling my head and thinking of all the sexual things I had done for her…

And then she was completely shaved! No hairs at all, nothing!
Of course we made love, but she laughed at my furious expression when she removed her pants. No bush!!
After that, my fantasy only became more and more intense.



In my dreams, this girl ties me with her black satin stockings after a long and erotic striptease. She is playing with my body. Like a cat with a mouse….She takes me to the limit of pleasure several times and then dominates me with a very sensual attitude. She is my dream, she is the image of my pleasure. When I cum inside her, she is looking at me and I can see all the freckles she has on her full body. All these nice spots are a souvenir of orgasms I had with redhead girls…in my wildest dreams of course.
She continues to caress me and she shows me her nice ruby bush illuminated by the morning light. Closer and closer she brings it to my eager, waiting mouth…

She puts her hands on the bedpost, and puts her legs around my head. She moves her body. Slowly…with sensuality and desire. Until my tongue and my lips are giving her the best kind of happiness.
One day this dream will become true - I will meet a redheaded devil. In real life or a new dream....or in one or your films!