A Quiet Exploration

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DJ

The sun set hours ago. Lost in thought, an art gallery, headphones on, music playing just loudly enough to mask all other sound - others talking, laughing, moving around. Walk slowly through, examining pieces as they catch the eye, oblivious to all else. And then, a solitary figure, back facing, standing quietly, clothes that drape but show off the shape of body underneath, headphones also masking the sounds. Inch forward, slowly to the side, a subtle look over the shoulder, the gesture returned. Eyes meet and are suddenly averted. For a few minutes, a nervous almost dance. Now walking side by side, without a word, exploring the space together, separate. Bodies inch slowly closer until arms caress with each stride. Fingers pointed at the floor brush the side of the thighs. Through the gallery, emerging outside, the crisp fall air stinging the skin. A foot forward, hand extended, taken in a certain and assuring clasp. Down the street, up a flight of stairs, into a room, bed on the floor in the middle. Headphones off, the first time, both hear the same song. Saying not a word, begin a quiet exploration.