A Massage To The Edge

A Sexual Fantasy

— By klaxxxon

In the dream, we are sitting naked on bamboo mats on the floor in her room, strangers now, but not for too much longer. Within breathing distance, we face each other, legs folded.
We are quiet. Serenity and tension, yin and yang, circle each other like tigers, sizing each other up.

We begin. I lay my hands on her outer thighs, stretching her as she leans backward to the floor with her legs open and her feet together. I massage her wet, fragrant skin and feel tense, supple muscles beneath. We inhale, and exhale. Slowly, I move my hands around her legs to her inner thighs, and my fingers creep upwards, brushing against pubic hair. Her back arches with the first contact on her clitoris, but she catches herself and eases herself back to the ground as I continue rubbing. Her face maintains intense concentration. I feel my erection pulsing against my stomach.

I want to take her like this, right now. It would be so easy. I want to fall on her and press myself into her wetness and pinion her legs to the ground and open her wider and make her scream with the most powerful pleasure. But we have an agreement. We must do this first. But serenity is beginning to give in, surrender itself to a stronger foe.

Then we find ourselves facing each other again, sitting with our legs open in a deep straddle, our feet touching. We look into each others eyes. It is time. We lean in and share a long, sweet kiss, tongues dancing. Then, she reaches behind her and retrieves the small bottle of oil. She squirts some on her hands and rubs it, hands twisting, onto my penis. I shudder with anticipation. She smiles, and lays a hand on my on my chest as if to push me backwards. I drop to the floor, and she holds my thighs open, just as I did to her when we first started.

Soon, I know she will climb on top of me and slide me into her, the agreement having been fulfilled. But as I feel the stretch in my legs and the sweat on my body and her hands and mouth teasing my penis, my balls, my inner thighs, I find that I can hold this position for just a bit longer.