A Hammock and A Hand

A Sexual Fantasy

— By xtogether

I was travelling with my friend Ben in Thailand, we found a place to stay where it was just the two of us, sleeping in hammocks under a palm leaf roofed hut on the edge of the beach. My boyfriend was at home and we had been apart for a couple of months. During the trip, we had been sending each other dirty messages and sending naked photos and I had to be selective with the places I would choose to think about us being together again, usually in the shower.

I have always be turned on by the thought of having sex outside, and this location would have been the perfect place to lay down with my partner and be intimate together.

After a few drinks next to the roar of the ocean, it was time to go to bed. We both got into our hammocks and I couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to be with my man in this amazing place.

The moon lit up the waves crashing on the beach, and as I stared out at the ocean, I couldn't help but slide my hands down between my legs and start touching myself.

I was so wet, I didn't know if should keep going or not, if it was right or wrong, but it was exciting. I had to be so quiet, slowly slowly I kept going, hoping the sound of the sea was loud enough to drown out any noise I was trying not to make. My mouth was open as I came in silence, a small gasp of air escaped, and I lay there for a few minutes in my air of naughtiness and fantasy before rolling over, sure I had been quiet enough to get away with it, the slow rock of the hammock calmed my beating heart, I closed my eyes and slowly did what I was supposed to do, and go to sleep..!