A Hair Affair

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rebecca R.

I desperately need a haircut to regain confidence. I enter the salon for the first time and experience a great service - the fear of getting hair chopped off is surpassed by the relaxing method of the male hairdresser. The warm water, the scalp massage, the quick but careful hands of the man are more than pleasurable. I fake watching myself in the mirror while I look at his face - he looks back at me in the reflection. While I wait alone for my hair to set, I start fantasizing about him: I go back in the tiny salon bathroom, no windows, my hair is still dripping wet. Someone knocks on the door: it's him. Without speaking I let him enter, our eyes locked in a gaze. He locks the door. We kiss for a long time - the tiny bathroom space gets heated, and drops of sweat start pouring on our skin. His hands are as strong as gentle, with the same slow strokes he gave me earlier. He grabs my hair roughly and -
The sound of the hairdryer wakes me up.