A guy and his chainsaw

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheBlackSheep

I'm watching him from behind my sunglasses as I lie on my sun lounger, pretending to read a magazine. Tall, tanned, fit from working outdoors; he is cutting logs in my garden with a chainsaw. His bare torso glistens with sweat. He has strong arms; tight forearms, muscular biceps and shoulders, surprisingly long, tapered fingers. He wears low slung protective trousers, heavy boots, a chainsaw helmet. He handles the saw with ease and precision. Professional. I admire the way he works, enjoy the fit body, find myself thinking of another helmet...

My nipples start to harden and my hand strays to my breast behind the magazine. My finger circling the hard nipple through the silky fabric of my bikini. One nipple, then the other. I feel my passion rising as I watch him. I bend my knees up so he can't see my hand inside my bikini, now stroking my clit and vagina. I am aware that my lips have parted and my tongue flickers over my teeth and lips as I watch him.

He stops to adjust the saw. I go indoors, pour him a cold beer, come out and hand it to him. Neither of us says a word. He takes off the helmet and takes the beer. His eyes scan over me; he sees my parted lips, my hardened nipples. His pupils widen, eyes narrow, nostrils twitch. He can smell my hot excited body. He puts the beer to one side, steps closer, then one arm pulls me towards him. His tongue invades my mouth. He knows I want him. I respond urgently, my tongue meeting his, my head thrown back. I am his to use as he wants.

He pushes me against the wall, his hands rough on my bare skin, taking and possessing. Soon my bikini is removed. He pins my hands with one of his hands and now his tongue and lips are all over me, licking, sucking, biting. I am lost in my passion. I want him, want to feel that hot cock deep inside me and I am not disappointed. He takes, thrusting urgently into my hot silky wetness, then taking his time, pausing and then thrusting again until we can both hold back no longer...