A Great Friendship

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ben

I’m home alone and my wife is working late, she left me a message to let me know that her friend would be calling round to collect a package. I eat my evening meal and settle down to watch a movie just as her friend arrives. We’ve known each other for years and have a great relationship plus I’ve always found her attractive. I invite her in to collect her package and we get chatting, just catching up. She mentions that she doesn’t really have anything to do so decides to stay and watch the movie with me which is nothing unusual. We settle into watching the movie, each on our own separate couch, chatting whilst we watch. I’d not seen the film before so had no idea that there is some nudity and sex in it, which starts to turn me on. Looking over I wonder if it’s doing the same to my wife’s friend as the chat has died down and she’s focussed on the film now. We’ve always had a pretty open friendship so at the next sex scene I joke that if she wasn’t here I’d probably be masturbating by now. Looking over she smiles and replies, don’t let me stop you, before sliding her hand into her jeans. We both masturbate watching the film and each other, she exposes her breasts for me to look at and I take my cock out. We both have huge orgasms before she leaves and we don’t mention it again. (The bonus, I tell my wife all about it later because it’s one of her biggest fantasies!).