A Friendly Race To Orgasm

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Vfemme

My best friend and I are really into masturbation and sex toys. I had just lost the charger for my vibrator so I decided to go and buy a new one with my best friend. We bought expensive ones and we couldn't wait to make use of them. We were so horny just looking at them. We went back to her place and we decided we were going to use them together, and we also placed a bet: whoever came first wouldn't have to do the dishes later. We masturbated in the same room. She did it in the bed, I did it in the shower. 3, 2, 1... we turned on our toys at the same time. I was so wet. We started moaning together and I could hear her pleasuring herself but couldn't directly see her, which turned me even more on. I focused on my clit and my legs started shivering, I was getting closer to climaxing. In the meantime, my friend was also climaxing, in a really hot way. Then, I came on her shower floor, and yelled 'I won the bet'. We started laughing and hugged each other. This is the best type of friendship.