A Day of Edging

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Phillipe

This will have to wait until it gets warmer here in California. But I want to tease Lizette with a day of edging. It will start when we awake. My hand will roam over her body until I reach her pussy. Then I will use my hand to bring her close to an orgasm. But will stop before she cums. Later we will go to her favorite clothing optional beach. As soon as the sun warms her body she will be aroused. My hands will do what the sun can't and bring her once more close to cumming. But again I stop before she does. Back at home as we shower, once again I bring her close, I think I will use my tongue, but will stop. Before we go out to dinner I'll use a vibe on her. Oh, it will be fun to see how aroused she gets. Maybe I'll slide a strand of beads across her wet pussy and have her wear them at dinner. And what do you think might happen as we have dinner. Luckily, the waiters are cool. Driving home a remote controlled vibe. And again I stop it before she cums. Once in the house, well, now she cums.