A close shave

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TheBlackSheep

He said he wanted to spend an evening pampering me... what girl would refuse??

It started with a candle-lit bubble bath, got me nicely warm and relaxed. He wrapped my in a big fluffy bath robe and laid me on the sofa, and said he would start with a foot massage. Took me a while to get over the ticklish sensations, but he has strong hands and a firm touch and soon I was relaxed and enjoying it. In fact more than enjoying it! His hands moved up to my ankles. As I laid back I started to feel the sensations of a building orgasm. How amazing - just from an ankle massage! My breathing must have started to get faster -did he realise, I wonder? I can feel the juices bubbling within me and my vaginal muscles start to spasm as waves of orgasmic pleasure overtake me. Surely he must know now? He doesn't let on, but leans forward and kisses me slowly and deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth.

Then he says he want to shave me. Oh yes, I reckon he knows he has me thoroughly turned on now. He gathers shaving oil, razor, warm damp towell, and undoes my robe. He starts to shave my pussy, outside endges first, working inwards, the fingers of his other hand manipulating and stretching my skin and then my labia. I can see he's aroused too - his tongue flicks over his lips and he's looking intently at what he is doing. The slippery juices are running from me now and he is watching. He finishes the shave and wipes me clean with the towell, and then parts my labia, first sliding one long finger up inside me and stroking at my g-spot. With the other hand he holds my labia wide apart, exposing my clitoris, gazing at it and then at my face as he slides his finger in and out. I can feel myself boiling up again. He leans forward and touches my clit with the lightest flickering action of his tongue while at the same time continuing to massage my g-spot. I stroke and tweak my own nipples, and I am lost in wave after wave of pleasure