A canvas(s) fantasy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By G R A C E

So this summer I've been working for a political campaign, and one of my main responsibilities is to knock on doors to speak with people about the candidate. The whole thing makes me very hot and bothered. Think about it! you show up to a stranger's door, they answer, maybe shirtless (this happens often), you're sweaty and flushed....you already know they have good politics....it's just a porno waiting to happen!

One day, while I was canvassing, I saw a young man across the street. He was shirtless and had long hair tied up into a bun. His body was beautiful. He was painting on a large canvas and was incredibly captivated by his work. His house wasn't on my list but I was so close to going over and pretending that it was. He would ask if I needed some water...I'd go in...we would talk about politics, art.... the tension would be so palpable....Then we'd end up fucking passionately on his kitchen counter. Then in his art studio. It would be sweaty and dirty and rough and passionate. Argh!!! This is one fantasy I just can't get out of my brain....