A businessman daydreaming

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pramsonline

A few days ago I was invited for a business design meeting. This was not my first meeting - I have done lots of meetings before. However, that office was different than ever office I've been. It was more like a Call Center. Many beautiful, sexy girls working there. A few girls were chit chatting, a few were watching porn, and a few were working seriously. As I entered into the call center, the girls who were chit chatting minimize the chat window and the girls who were watching porn also minimize the videos. I guess they thought I was the new boss, so they started staring me. I entered into the boss' office for my business meeting. Right after stepping inside, I got a message on my cellphone saying that the meeting had been delayed and the boss would take 2 hours to arrive. My mood got totally off. But then Ms. Bisaka came to where I was to clean the office table, and she was so sexy. When she was cleaning the table I saw a small black spot on her right boob. She smiled, and I smiled back. She offered me a cup of coffee and said that the boss had told her to take care of me. She handed me the coffee, and went away. I was feeling very sleepy. I think I should have taken some rest before the meeting, because in no time I fell asleep and started dreaming. In my dreams, I was sitting on the boss' chair, like a king. Ms. Bisaka was sitting next to me. All sexy call girls were busy in their work. I just inform the girls to come to the conference room. Ms.Bisaka and I are already there, chatting. All the girls get in and take their seats. I start the meeting and after a few minutes...