9 of clubs

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fguttorm

After having dated my future wife a while and enjoyed having sex with her we wanted to spice things up a bit. One evening after watching some hollywood movie with a scene with strip poker we both kind of got turned on to that idea. And we got some cards out and started playing. It was exciting to see my girlfriend blush as she lost her clothes one by one and sat there opposite me with her beautiful breasts in plain sight but off limits so to speak. I felt very excited as I had to remove my own clothes. It turned me on sitting there with only my trouser left covering my erection. And watching her get distracted from the game and looking at my crotch and erection. She got naked before me and so we wondered what to do now. I still had my trousers and socks while she was blushing and naked in front of me. I proposed we play on at least until I also was naked. That meant we needed some new rules for when/if she lost a hand. I suggested if she lost the next hand I would "own" her for a short time - the remaining length of the song currently playing on the radio. She lost and I got my wish. I told her to use the tip of her tongue and start with my feet and work her way up to my mouth. She looked both blushed and excited by this. She got as far as my nipples before the song ended. I finally lost my trousers but we continued to play for favours. I lost the next hand and she wanted me to do the same to her as she had done to me. And so we kept on going for quite a while - favours getting more and more intense and finally when she lost I asked her to pick a card, get on all fours and show me the card - 9 of clubs. I started to lick her and then as the song ended I penetrated her 9 times slowly. The game allowed us to be braver than we usually were. As if it was beyond our control. We played a few more hands like this before we quit the game and fucked each other with a newfound liberating energy.