4:20 in the Morning

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Aech

I'm in a steady relationship, but can't help having fantasies about a friend of mine who has expressed romantic and sexual interest in me before. We're both stoners, and I can't help fantasizing about this time that we were both smoking in the kitchen at a house party that was drawing to a close. We smoked together and listened to music by GUM and Tame Impala. Nothing sexual happened, but I can't help but imagine if something had. No matter what, I can't stop myself from thinking about him and what might have happened that night if I hadn't been in a relationship. Because of the state of mind I was in, I've always imagined it would be the most psychedelic sex of my life (it's worth pointing out that the only lights on in the kitchen were blue and purple, which is surely how I've come to that conclusion). I imagine myself sitting up on the counter and him coming over and taking me just as one of the songs hit the chorus. Please Erika, help me live out a fantasy through your cinematography.