He's 20 years younger

A Sexual Fantasy

— By mh5280

I am a 42 year old woman with a much younger sex-partner. He's 22. We have a way of texting each other (usually on Sunday nights) and then he comes over. He's so precious - the first time, he couldn't find my apartment and had to get directions. I could tell he was nervous. Each time he comes over, we play "adult" and have a glass of wine or a cocktail (for as long as we can last), but it's usually only few minutes before we are tearing into each other's clothes. I get off on teasing the fuck out of him, playing with his cock, rubbing my breasts across his face and so forth... I know he comes to see me because I give better head (and then some) than any of the young women his age—and I love it. I love making him mine for an hour or so (he cums so quickly). Because I know that he has his "girlfriends", but they don't have what age brings—an unabashed sexuality—that we are both sharing for this window of time. Each time he comes over—he never stays overnight, we are both clear on that—but the sex gets hotter and the bond deepens between us both, with every Sunday.

I would really like to see this dichotomy (the extreme age gap) brought to life. Maybe it seems slutty or commonplace, but it's actually very loving, and - if both are open - very rewarding.