Beach Babes and Mountain Masturbation

BY Cosycock

I was recently on holiday in Croatia, and had heard that there were lots of opportunities for nude bathing, something I had never done. I sourced one beach with a nudist section on a small, quiet island, and as soon as the boat docked I headed across the island to it.

Once I arrived my nerves got the better of me, as there were plenty of young, fully clothed women, sunbathing. However, a steady trickle of people headed towards the nude section, disrobed and lay in the sun. My cock began to respond, my breathing became difficult and I realised I had to join them. I found a free spot, took off my shorts and felt a rush of excitement and freedom at being naked and exposed within a few yards of similarly naked women.

The afternoon was spent enjoying glimpses of exposed flesh and imagining that I too was being watched and inspiring similar lustful thoughts.

I felt hugely horny and desperately needed to touch myself, and the beach wasn't the place. I dressed and followed the signs for a clifftop hiking route, and was soon completely alone on the deserted path. My cock by now was rock solid, and my hand inside my shorts as I walked. A couple of times I dropped the shorts to expose myself to the trees and blue ocean. Spying a bench ahead my pulsing penis and filthy thoughts got the better of me, and I sat down, looking back towards the beach and the boats far below. I began masturbating through my shorts, but my sticky, sweaty clothes were restricting me. Very soon I was completely naked again, exposing myself to any keen eyes below. If someone had appeared on the path I would have been caught red-handed, which thrilled me.

Before long I was ready to cum, and exploded all over a bush next to the bench. I was spent, ashamed and thrilled at once. Wiping my cock clean I got dressed and headed back towards the boat.

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Massalo's raw works are inspired by dance and the fascination with how the body can influence the way we feel and how lifestyle changes its form. Based in Angola, the photographer liberates the naked form in the midst of a country changing its views towards female sexuality.