What if…

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pancho666

I’m a locksmith, I attend many lockouts, people break or lose their keys, close doors behind themselves and forget to pick keys up or on some occasions, the locks are broken. Well, I had a phone call once at about 2 am at the weekend, a young woman on the phone saying she had lost her key and that she and two roommates were locked out. I headed over, found on arrival that it was quite a simple job, managed to get the ladies back into their apartment quickly, and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the 3 of them were. Anyway, they headed into the apartment, and I followed as asked so that the payment could be made, and one of them appeared with the cash and another offered me to come in and have a drink with them. However, I politely declined by saying “I appreciate the offer but I need to get off”, the term “get off” meaning to leave, or go home. At this, the prettiest of the women who had now taken off her jacket revealing the most amazing body only slightly covered with the sexiest outfit I think I’ve ever witnessed said “Stay, we can get you off!”. She bit her bottom lip a little, sending my knees into a wobble, I looked at the other two, and one exclaimed “Yeah, let’s do that” while the other smiled excitedly! I muttered something about being married, having to go, not having showered, - although appreciating the offer - and then I walked away. I got back in the van, and drove out onto the road thinking so many thoughts, were they messing with me? I’m not a bad-looking guy, maybe not! Was it because they were drunk? Will they call again? But the thought that kept raising its head time and time again and still does to this day is ‘What if?’