We Know You Are Watching

A Sexual Fantasy

— By montanaribrasil

I live in a large housing complex just beside two lovely neighbor girls, who have a giant kitchen window across from mine.

Here in Brazil, it is very hot in the summer and I love to walk around my house naked during the day.

I leave the kitchen windows open strategically, so my neighbors can see me.

I'm very happily married, and my wife also likes to roam the house naked.

I like the sensation that someone can see me, but I never noticed whether anyone did.

Until one day, when I walked into the kitchen and saw my pretty neighbor looking at me, so I pretended to pick some fruits...open cabinets...wash a dish... while my cock was getting harder and harder. When I glanced again, she had left.

That night, I saw her watering her plants on the balcony, naked as well! We must have inspired her. My light was out so she didn't see me and I confess I spent some minutes admiring her perfect, natural boobs.

The next day, I initiated a grand fuck-session with my beloved wife in our hall, which also has a large window.

During our delicious sex, I noticed a small head watching us...a shadow, maybe...We continued making love, and I whispered to my wife "She is looking at us... let's give her our best show..."

My wife went crazy at this and I glanced at our neighbor, who, instead of leaving this time, started to pull off her shirt as she watched.

She kept looking at us, and I saw her little hand begin to move, and I said "She's masturbating!"

We fucked so hard and beautifully for our audience. We posed, tried positions we'd never done before, sucked at each other, humped and used our bodies like animals. And at the end, after my darling wife came, she had me ejaculate on her mouth and breasts just in front of the window, like we were true porn stars.

The whole time, we tried not to look at the window that much, to keep our audience "a secret".

So when we turned back, our neighbor wasn't there anymore....

Since then, we've met each other dozens of times on the street, in the neighborhood, we have our doors just across from each other.... but we've never talked about what we saw.

One night, I will light up some candles and we will do the same thing ... only this time, we will leave the door open!